Develop and grow

Let us help you grow

Develop and grow

Entrepreneur, do you need someone to talk with or to encourage you?

Kehy has the tools to help your business develop and grow. We’ll map the current state and development needs of your business,
and together with our expert network we’ll find the solutions suitable for your needs.
The service is free. Call tel. (05) 235 2220 and book an appointment, and we’ll talk more!


Are you looking for premises or employees? Do you want to develop your skills? Book an appointment and we’ll find the suitable development solutions for your business.

Are your resources enough?

Renewal may require new know-how or new staff, better premises or funding. Come and discuss renewal with us!

Are you looking for networking?

Check out our upcoming events and book an appointment with our advisors. We’ll give you the best tips on partners and networks in the area. 

Is change of ownership timely?

Kehy caters for all businesses in regard to change of ownership. Our services are intended for both the buyer and the seller, for example in transfers to the next generation or in a corporate acquisition. Begin the process of change of ownership easily with us. More about corporate acquisitions in Yrityspörssi.


Are you looking for ways to internationalize?

Pay us a visit, and we’ll map your situation to find the best solutions for your international projects.

Do you already have a yrityskummi business mentor?

There are over 50 yrityskummi business mentors in Southern Karelia, one of which could be yours. The mentors function as a confidential interlocutor for the entrepreneur, open doors for new business opportunities and help with networking, too.

Development projects

Our current projects support the industrial and commercial activity in the Imatra region.


Antti Oravuo
tel +358 40 721 1310



Business expert
Jari Tamski
tel 044 721 3037


Consultation services for start-up and functioning businesses

Business expert
Sven Langbein
tel +358 45 269 2000


Consultation services for start-up and functioning businesses