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Try and succeed!

We in the Imatra region believe in three things:

People, boldness and hard work. When others plan, we’re already done.


Starting up?

Fledgling entrepreneur! Book an appointment with our business consultancy, get acquainted with our start-up guide, and visit a “Startti yrittäjyyteen” (A Start into Entrepreneurship) event. You can also expand your networks by participating in our training events and other business events.

Got an idea?

Do you have an innovation or an idea on your mind that needs fine-tuning? The advisors and the expert network at Kehy will help you spar your plans. You can also find good tips on the Tuoteväylä pages.

Are you buying?

To continue with a functioning business is three times less risky than setting up a new one. What should you take into consideration when buying a functioning business? Explore businesses for sale and browse the buyer’s manual

Become on entrepreneur?

Get in touch, book an appointment and pay us a visit!