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Success is a story

Success stories

Kehy has many irons in the fire!



    Digital media agency TinyGiant Oy 

    The digital media agency TinyGiant was created on the shared enthusiasm of four experts of their own fields. “I was interested in setting up a...

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    RT-Tuote Oy

    RT-Tuote Oy, operating in Imatra, is a family-owned company launched by Raimo and Tarja Hovilainen in 2005. It was previously located on Sukkulakatu, but in the spring of 2015...

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    Ohtaniemen Pidot catering

    The list of employers for the matron of the catering firm Ohtaniemen Pitotila, chef Riitta Laitinen, is impressive. “I have been employed by three presidential...

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    One of the wonders in Imatra is Virkkukoukkunen, created in 1993 by its founder and CEO Tiina Kärkäs. The goal of Virkkukoukkunen is to bring color into the world with...

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    The fitness and well-being center The Voima

    “Sports and fitness have always been a part of our lives,” the entrepreneurs at the fitness and well-being center The Voima, Noora Kähkönen,...

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    Advertising agency Dominus


    “Becoming an entrepreneur was a very positive experience, because everyone welcomed a new entrepreneur well here. Imatra is still very much pro-...

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    Restaurant & Smokehouse Nuotta and Bikini Bay 

    “I benefit from my engineering education and my former career in the forest industry as a clerical worker and a consultancy entrepreneur...

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